Third Eye

Rising from the Underground of Metal emerges Morning Star Heathens Music Group.

MSH music group is a record label formed in England 2017 by Shane Giess. With an undying passion for Metal this was to be the start of  UK label supporting all genres of metal, but would stay committed to the arts of extreme metal!


The first agreement as a company was with Scottish metal band 'Drowned Ten' - this was also the time where Nathan Jones (Operations manager/Shareholder) joined MSH and had offered his service towards Metal. The next release added to the roster had the company fly to the land of Transylvania to meet Experimental band 'Krepuskul' and would later go on in that year to release the album 'Hybrid' - a crushing artillery of noise which was seen reviewed and shared globally. Since then the company has worked with various bands in and out of the UK, including Saarkoth (UK), God Eat God (RU), Dominia, (RU), Black Falcon (UK) & more. MSH have been persistent in creating a network Nation wide & Internationally with reviewers, interviewers, PR companies, Radio stations & a special connection with like minded Metal lovers. 


As well as releasing records, MSH have also put on events. The first show forged by the label was in Birmingham (UK) with a local UK metal band named Minus Inferno - with supporting acts. Black Falcon were on the bill and had signed to MSH after this event, which saw the release of a three track single 'Devil's Chase Him' and their 2018 Debut album 'Turn Around And Face The Sun. The next event took place in London where the company would sign Dominia to the roster. Dominia headlined their first show in the UK alongside Cadaver Soiree, Parabyss, Raised By Owls & technical death metal band Sphynx. The show was sponsored by the one and only Zero Tolerence magazine with help from the team at Imperative PR. The latest show was named the 'Fall Of Babylon' which featured bands Saarkoth, Concrete Age, Petrichor & Cadaver Soiree. The show was dedicated towards bands on the roster with supporting acts, as Saarkoth & Cadaver Soiree had already released music under MSH Music Group. The event was one to remember with a stage share with Cadaver soiree from Petrichor's bassist/vocalist Nate Lewis, as he was formerly the vocalist of Cadaver Soiree, with their first release 'Cordyceps' (Single). 

MSH Music Group have started to expand with new partners from across the world. This started with the hiring of Kostas Dahmer - MSH's campaign manager from Athens/Greece. Later in 2019 - Rick Marino enlightened the label with his expertise & passion for Metal. Rick is based in San Antonio/Texas in the United States and is a lifelong musician and a dedicated Metal expert. Rick and his management company C II M Productions are now proud partners of MSH Music Group and this service is available  for bands who are within the light of the Morning Star Heathens . 

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